Welcome to the homepage of cattery "van de PoesPas"

Here you will find information about our cattery, our cats and our vision on breeding Abyssinians.
Besides a collection of cats there are also two humans living here: Jan-willem en Gerda van Eys

We've been breeding Abyssinians since 1994. Every now and then we have a litter after conscientious planning. Our focus is on the colours blue and cinnamon, although this means we see ruddy and fawn popping up in our litters too.
At the moment we are setting up a silver breeding program. Here our main interest lies with the black silvers, however sorrel silver and blue silver probably will be seen too.

Our cats live in a homely environment and have a semi-free access to our (escape-proof) garden.
Just as the adults, our kittens have the whole house at their disposal. No room is sacred to them.

June delivered her first litter on July 16th.

She took her time, but eventually delivered her first kitten at seven in the morning. The second kitten arrived around nine. The third kitten arrived at two in the afternoon.
They are a sorrel boy, a ruddy female and a fawn boy.
Here are the photos!

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